Radiography Room

We have a powerful xray machine and large movable xray table top enabling radiographic examinations to be easily performed even on the largest of dogs.

In 2009 we upgraded to digital radiography providing the benefit of rapid assessment of images, a reduced time your pet is sedated or anaesthetised and improved diagnostic quality.

Images can be viewed on the computer screens in the consulting rooms or attached to your pets computer record when necessary. If a specialist second opinion is ever needed the images can be emailed to the specialist.

Digital radiography - what are the benefits?

Apart from the convenience of easy storage and retrieval of images there is a marked increase in the amount of information that can be gained from each image compared to conventional radiographic film.

This is because each image can be manipulated to show maximum detail in all parts of the image. For instance when we radiograph a chest the image will contain lung tissue, the heart, and the surrounding bone. With conventional radiography, in order to examine both lung tissue and bone in maximum detail we would have to take 2 pictures, one exposed for the lung tissue, the other exposed for bone. With digital radiography we can take just one picture.

Hence, as well as improving our ability to diagnose any abnormalities we can also reduce the amount of radiation your pet, and our staff, are exposed to as well as reducing the time your pet is under sedation or anaesthesia.

Radiography Room

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